An Integrated Health Vision for Asthma, Diabetes and Arthritis Sufferers

An Integrated Health Vision for Asthma, Diabetes and Arthritis Sufferers

International production and distribution company, Creation Film and Television (Creation Films), have launched there “Vision Health” DVD range. Aimed at sufferers of pervasive, chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma and Arthritis, the Vision Health DVD range is about raising much needed awareness and funds for the ailments covered.

London, U. K. (PRWEB) September 7, 2006

International production and distribution company, Creation Film and Television, have launched their VisionHealth DVD range. Aimed at sufferers of pervasive, chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma and Arthritis, the Vision Health DVD range is about raising awareness and funds for the ailments covered.

Http://www. visionhealth. co. uk/ (http://www. visionhealth. co. uk/)

Http://www. creationfilms. co. uk (http://www. creationfilms. co. uk)

This physician endorsed video / DVD series is the most comprehensive audio-visual program ever developed for chronic sufferers and the first integrated health film on the market today to combine conventional, alternative and complementary approaches in one program. Altogether the three dvds contain a massive 9 hours of information and utilise the skills, knowledge and wisdom of 14 world experts in a wide range of medical fields.

All the experts featured in the Vision Health DVD series are registered with the British Medical Association or the British Complementary Medical Association. The Vision Health series is hosted by the internationally re-known Barefoot Doctor (alternative health and spirituality expert, author of 12 best selling books and former Observer columnist and consultant to Naomi Campbell and Madonna). The Barefoot Doctor is witty, challenging and thoughtful, keeping the viewer entertained and focused throughout each DVD.

Other featured experts include: Dr Mosaraf Ali (Author of the best selling Integrated Health Bible and physician to Prince Charles), Dr George Lewith (SAGA Magazine Health correspondent, GP, complementary medical practitioner and author of numerous books and articles), Dr Jean Monro (Physician to the Sultan of Brunei, international expert on Environmental and Nutritional Medicine) and Dr John Mansfield (best selling author of The Asthma Epidemic and various tomes on Diabetes and Arthritis).

What started off as 3 one hour film’s quickly turned into an epic 3 double disc set. “We originally had the slightly naive idea of doing three one hour dvds on Arthritis, Diabetes and Asthma,” said Jake Seal, the Director of the series, “but it became rapidly apparent that this would simply not suffice. There was just too much information out there, that deserved to be covered.”

Each of the three DVDs (Asthma, Diabetes and Arthritis, respectively) cover such topics as: diagnosis, history of the condition, history of treatment, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, provocation neutralisation, the candida yeast problem, stealth pathogens, moulds and mycotoxins, stress, chi gung, the environment, sick building syndrome, homeopathy, stem cell research, tissue engineering, breathing, yoga, naturopathy, acupuncture and more. It is a unique blend of Eastern and Western methodologies. “The central idea of the

VisionHealth series is Integration” says Seal. “Where

Complementary, alternative and orthodox practices meet, we have integration. The key to effective healthcare is not found by ignoring, it is found though exploring.”

Vision Health intends to become the standard point of reference for chronic sufferers and aims to continually revise and update its films to keep up with the times. The ultimate goal for the Vision Health series is to become as encyclopaedic and as useful a resource as possible. The Vision Health dvd series is being developed in tandem with www. visionhealth. co. uk the website, which is fast becoming a hub for the e-highest calibre information, whether through it’s e-clinics, chat room, downloads, articles or live news feed.

The Visionhealth series is about personal empowerment, putting the highest quality information in the patients hands so that they can make their own decisions about their health treatment. Knowledge is power. The focal point of any approach should be the patient, not the illness.

To aid accessibility, each dvd has an easy to use and fully functional menu, with chapter access to each treatment. The Vision Health DVDs are on the highest quality DVD9 discs (for maximum picture/audio quality) and come with bonus features.

The Vision Health website is updated twice a month and is fast becoming an information hub for sufferers of all chronic conditions, with a live news feed, inspiring quotations, articles on treatments, links, downloads, health tips, chat room (with experts hosting monthly drop in “e-clinics”) and much more.

"Watched Diabetes last night and was very impressed with the excellent way the subject matter had been presented.". – A. D, London

Http://www. diabetesdvd. com (http://www. diabetesdvd. com)

"Thanks for the Asthma video. It was very interesting and incredibly professional looking I might add. It had lots of useful information and it was so helpful to be able to see all these different experts. I think it has certainly saved me a huge amount of time, money and energy. There was plenty of "do it now" information and a nice mixture of research, patient stories and expert testimonies/advice. Keep up the great work, you should be proud.” - Jeff Marquass, Shanghai, China

Http://www. asthmadvd. com (http://www. asthmadvd. com)

“In the Topsy Turvy world of treatments this DVD demonstrates and can help you understand the types of treatment that are practiced and available for Arthritis. The DVD discussed orthodox and complementary therapies and how an integration of these therapies can help with the control of arthritis. It has a stylish approach with extensive information from very experienced and specialised experts who explain the condition and many of the approaches used for better management of Arthritis. There is nothing else out there that gives filmed information from this viewpoint. The DVD is a step in the right direction.” – Kathy Sykes, Manchester, via amazon. co. uk.

Http://www. arthritisdvd. com (http://www. arthritisdvd. com)

There is an abundance of information on the internet and in libraries, but much of it is inaccessible, or difficult to find. Vision Health is founded on the belief that knowledge is power and aims to empower suffers of chronic conditions through affording them access to detailed, comprehensive and interesting discussions about wellness maintenance, pain relief, diagnosis and treatments.

Asthma: An Integrated Approach, Diabetes: An integrated Approach and Arthritis an Integrated Approach are the first three DVDs in a new series from Vision Health. They are available initially through Creation Films Online and in certain selected shops and clinics. Creation Films are in pre-production on the next four titles in the Vision Health series covering Migraine, IBS, Weightloss and Pregnancy.

For more information:

Visit: http://www. visionhealth. co. uk (http://www. visionhealth. co. uk) or http://www. creationfilms. co. uk (http://www. creationfilms. co. uk)

Phone: +44 870 133 5818

Fax: +44 870 133 5818

About VisionHealth:

Visionhealth was created in 2005 with the specific goal of collecting the highest quality and the most detailed information available on incredibly widespread chronic ailments and making it available to sufferers worldwide on a series of interactive DVDs.

A portion of all sales of Visionhealth DVDs for perpetuity will go to research and charitable foundations directly related to the illnesses covered.


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