Our #1 Goal is Patient Safety

Our #1 Goal is Patient Safety

MedChron, L. L.C. Announces Its Goal to Patient Safety. Medical Chronology Timelines will help insure patient safety while cutting cost spent on malpractice.

(PRWEB) March 1, 2003

MedChron, L. L.C., a medical chronology timeline service is proud to announce the launch of their new web site. www. medchronllc. com. MedChron is a new and upcoming company in Germantown Tennessee which has been in business for several months. They provide a combination of legal services with a medical staff of Certified R. N's who are committed to implementing a "patient safety" checkpoint system throughout our medical community.

MedChron's CEO's Jillyan Walker and Kathy Romero are excited about their new venture and what impact their company can have on the medical community. They are quoted as saying "our Vision Statement says it all, we are committed to facilitating a structure which increases the efficiency and quality of healthcare provided and decrease the cost spent on medical malpractice".

Each of us currently live with the fact there is a lack of patient-safety practices which has increased our public awareness to a possible medical negligence. Our medical community has incurred expenses for discovery phase of lawsuits well over $100,000 and those expenses are rising. Doctors malpractice insurance companies are not renewing policies. All of which has given rise to high cost of medical malpractice insurance and costs our healthcare system in ways we are all faced with, labor shortages and cost costs all affect the quality of care we receive.

"We know the system we are currently operating within can improve, we understand that the advantages of implementing our services is not something we will see an immediate return on, there are many more steps that need to be taken, but we are confident that MedChron can start a patient safety process that will, in time, end this madness" says Jillyan Walker, Owner and CEO of MedChron.

MedChron is currently pursuing JACHO compliance and will keep us posted as to their progress. Currently they have met with representatives at Methodist Health Care and are awaiting a response from Baptist Hospital they are currently working with malpractice insurance providers with the hope they can implement a "discount" incentive program to doctors malpractice insurance premiums who are implementing MedChron's services in their practices.

MedChron is everyone's "First Step to Understanding".

MedChron, L. L.C.

P. O. Box 382457

Germantown, TN 38183

Medchron@midsouth. rr. com

(901) 489-7911

(901) 438-6312

An Alternative Way to Understanding

If you want to be a person with a large vision,

You must cultivate the habit of doing the

Little things well.

Www. medchronllc. com

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Help Keep Your Skin Refreshed This Winter

Help Keep Your Skin Refreshed This Winter

San Diego (PRWEB) October 2, 2005

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Available at salons and fine beauty stores nationwide or www. robanda. com. For further information on the complete line, please call Toll Free 800-783-9969 (USA Only).


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